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      This one is still rare. It shows the brand's historical heritage and rich historical heritage. Of course, it is too integrated. The innovative part integrates the symbolic elements of the traditional flight watch into the modern style. With the ingenious cutting of Jiangxi Province, this pioneer series watch draws inspiration from the golden age. The super large crown and scale logo, luminous pointer show the modern style This watch has a diameter of 40mm, a silver grain stone and a five-star sun blue logo on the dial, a gold chain or a light brown and blue strap. This is the true meaning of the Pena sea diver series.


      1. As for the speed of a watch, one of the most important factors we know is the lack of kinetic energy and magnetism of a mechanical watch. Now let's introduce the lack of magnetism and magnetism of a watch. What should we do? As for the degaussing of the meter, we should find a small relay. After removing the useless part, we should directly connect it to 220 V AC. if we can produce a weak magnetic field, we should put the meter flat on it and scratch it slowly from the iron core. If the effect is not good after repeated several times, it may be because the magnetic force is small.



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      2. We don't recommend using the second method because we have some problems at home. If we use iron plate, we don't know whether there is a magnetic field. If there is no magnetic barrier, it will get worse and worse. Therefore, we don't recommend using the second method. The third is to find a non-magnetic iron ring, which is made of iron and often heated by the fire until it turns red. It can completely fade the part of speech, and can be used repeatedly to absorb the magnetism on the watch. But we should pay attention to that the watch should be worn slowly from beginning to end, and the watch can't be repeated several times. Of course, this kind of operation tests our operation Clean and neat. If we accidentally drop the watch onto the red iron ring, it will not only not solve our problem, but also completely damage the whole watch, so this method is also very dangerous.


      Warm tips: the above is more useful, long time use of watches, many people want to insist on using the watch to show temperament, watch is also an indispensable part of our life. Long time use, but also pay attention to maintenance. There is a problem that needs to be repaired in time. If you have any questions about this, please call the service hotline and send the watch to peinahai after sales service center in time.

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